About us

Gramsa  began its activities as a company dedicated to providing services for Mining, Construction, Oil and Gas Exploitation.

The quality of our services exceed current market demands, without compromising security, experience or integrity of the team that has made Gramsa projecting future as a leading company in Latin America.

Gramsa during his career has established strategic alliances with various American consultants which allowed to diversify our services to meet customer demand in infrastructure projects, Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas.


Our goal is to consolidate locally and internationally as a consulting firm leader in the provision of assessment and management of integrated projects, applying the highest standards of Quality, Safety and Environment, valuing time and cost of each project to the benefit of our customers . 


Consolidate as a leading global company. 


In Gramsa and we have values ​​that are given to all employees. These values ​​are summarized in Ethics, transparency and social responsibility, which are developed in our company with great intensity in all projects which in turn are classified as fundamental pillars on which our company holds.

These values ​​help us to faithfully fulfill our goals, to survive, to be competitive and valuable in the present and long term, without these values ​​Gramsa could not effectively serve their customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.